On-Demand Infor EAM Training


What is the Connect Education Network?

With the ever evolving technology behind Infor EAM, it’s hard to stay updated on the latest features and functionality.


This online training resource gives you access to a database of learning videos to help you expand and broaden your understanding of Infor EAM. Log on to explore Learning Paths, watch webinars, and hear from Advoco trainers.

The Connect Education Network puts the power of training at your fingertips with online courses and modules designed specifically for Infor EAM users.


From brand new users to seasoned veterans, the Connect Education Network has learning paths designed to help all levels of users further their knowledge of the software and create leverage in their systems.


24/7 Access

Banks close and businesses have off hours, but with the Connect Education Network you have unlimited access to training and materials.

Fast and Efficient

Modules are quick and to the point, allowing you to grow your knowledge in short segments, or sit down and tackle a whole Learning Path at once.

On Demand, on Your Schedule

Start and stop modules, come back later, and watch when you want. Content is available on your time and your terms.

Learn Something New

Whether you’re new to Infor EAM or you’ve been using it for years, there is always more to learn about the software.

Something for Everyone

Whether it’s webinars, product demos, or training modules, the Connect Education Network offers a plethora of engaging learning materials.  

Get the Most from Your System

Learn about the modules you already have and find ways to implement new functionality. Increase your ROI by taking advantage of the full potential of your EAM system.


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To ensure the best experience on the Connect Education Network we recommend using Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2+, Safari on Mac 1.2+, or Google Chrome.