How Training Works

Asking yourself, how does this all work? Dive into the Connect Education Network and see how this learning platform can change the way you train.

Take a Test Drive

Don’t take our word for it, get a sense of what the Connect Education Network is all about by taking advantage of our complimentary 30-day trial.

Search. Watch. Learn.

Once logged in, add courses to your Dashboard by heading over to the Course Library where you can search for training videos on the topic of your choice.


Pick a Plan

Ready to sign up? Decide if an  Individual or Team subscription  best fits your Infor EAM training needs.

Customize Your Team’s Training Experience

Enterprise and Team accounts come with the ability to create your own training materials. You can do this by using the powerful and intuitive course builder to upload and create your own content, as well as move pre-existing Infor EAM training videos around to tailor to your team’s needs.


See How Your Team is Progressing

Team and Enterprise accounts include an Admin user who can use reporting tools to easily see how learners in your organization are progressing. This gives visibility into what your team is  watching, how they’re doing on quizzes, or how long it has taken them to get through courses.


A Day in the Life of a Learner

From navigating the system to finding exactly what you want to learn about, get an idea of what using the Connect Education Network looks like.


A Day in the Life of an Admin

Team and Enterprise accounts come with an Admin who can take complete control of their team’s training needs with the ability to create training content, arrange custom courses, attend live coaching calls, report on their team, and more!