About the Training

Our training is led by Advoco instructors with years of Infor EAM experience across a broad spectrum of industries. Through the Connect Education Network, trainers pass their knowledge, tips, and tricks on to you through courses you can complete on your own time. It’s like having your own personal EAM coach available to you at any time.


Everyone is at a different level in their EAM journey, so we have created different Learning Paths to organize the Connect Education Network training material. Examples include:

  • Infor EAM Overview which has material for newer users, or users who want to brush up on basic features and functionality

  • Infor EAM 2.0 which covers more advanced topics to dive into once you have a strong foundation in the system

  • Role Based which is broken into courses designed for specific user types


Within each Learning Path, the Connect Education Network training is broken into Courses and Modules. Broader topics form Courses and the training within each Course is called a Module. For example, our Navigation Course includes Modules like Screen Cache, Documents Tab, and Dataspys. Every month we will add new Courses and Modules so there is always something new for you to explore.

Infor EAM Learning Paths

Content in the Connect Education Network will constantly be evolving, with new videos added regularly. See below for the current course library.



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To ensure the best experience on the Connect Education Network we recommend using Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2+, Safari on Mac 1.2+, or Google Chrome.